Editing Procedure:

The American Dialectic editing process is rigorous yet forward-thinking.  Upon receipt of submission, our senior editing staff and volunteer referees blindly review all articles and make recommendations for acceptance to the executive editor.  Once an article is accepted, it is assigned to a lead editor who will format the article and work with the author if any significant changes are needed. Once the author and the executive editor approve the final proofs, the article will go up for publication.  Responses to the lead articles are also edited to high standards.  Upon receipt, our editing staff screens all responses for content and appropriateness, formatting them in accordance with the American Dialectic submissions guidelines.  Respondents are notified via email if their work will be sent to publication or if it requires any significant reworking.  All accepted responses are published in the order in which they are received and edited to publication standards.  For more information please see:

     Guidelines for Articles          Guidelines for Responses

A few thoughts on articles and responses:

“While philosophy is an activity that requires great care and attention when done professionally, it is also one that can benefit from being open to less purely academic approaches.  Here at American Dialectic we find great value in the Socratic approach to philosophy, and we believe anyone can make a valuable contribution to a discussion so long as it is done in a serious and thoughtful manner.  Moreover, we believe that philosophy has something to contribute to the life of anyone who is willing to engage with it.  It is one of our goals, then, to serve both the scholarly and pedagogic sides of philosophy by fostering discussions in which high-level and well-thought out philosophical positions are open to investigation and exploration by those still developing their philosophical point of view. 
In an attempt to meet this goal, we will continue to publish excellent scholarly writing while also being open to insightful philosophical essays that are accessible to a wide-ranging audience.  As for responses, we are certainly interested in high-level academic discussions, but we also welcome open-ended and even simple questions or comments aimed at pointing the conversation in new and interesting directions.  With this is mind, we would like to encourage everyone to feel comfortable submitting a response.  Our response-editing process is intended to give respondents any guidance they may need, while also ensuring that only those responses that make a genuine contribution to the discussion are given a place within it.  In this way, we hope American Dialectic will bring a greater number of people into serious philosophical conversation with each other; for the shared exploration of an idea is one of the heights of a philosophical life.”

(From “Encouraging Dialectic – A Letter from the Editor” Vol. 1 No. 2)

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