No. 3 (Fall)

Genealogy and Morality

By: Michael Forster - The University of Chicago
Drawing on the arguments made in the preceding article, "Genealogy" (Vol.1, No. 2), this article moves from the German roots of genealogy in Herder, Hegel, and Nietzsche to a consideration of three successful applications of the genealogical method to aspects of modern morality. The article concludes with a consideration of the vexed question of the bearing of genealogy on the evaluation of moral outlooks. ...
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Sources of Platonism in the Philosophy of Mathematics

By: Burt C. Hopkins - Seattle University
By examining Aristotle’s critique of the Platonic account of eidetic numbers, this article aims at elucidating what that account actually consists of and how it relates to the rest of Plato’s philosophy. The question of the unity of a number is ultimately shown to be a central concern in Plato’s thinking as well as an important point of disagreement between Plato and Aristotle. ...
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