Vol. IV, No. 1 (Current Issue):

A Kantian Take on Fallible Principles and Fallible Judgments

          By: Samuel Kahn — Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

Why We Aren’t, and Couldn’t Be, Brains in Vats

          By: Patrick Laine — University of Minnesota

Vol. III, No. 2/3 (September):

Redeeming Resentment: Nietzsche’s Affirmative Ripostes

          By: Grace Hunt — Western Kentucky University                                                      2012 Winner of the American Dialectic Annual Dissertation Contest

Virtu and Institutionalized Conflict in Machiavellian Politics

          By: Christine M. Dow — University of Albany, SUNY

Groundwork for the Confessional Structure of                           Descartes’ Meditations

          By: Juan C. Donado — The New School

Vol. III, No.1 (January):

Greatness of Soul and Souls of Women-Part II: Rousseau’s Use of Plato’s Laws in the Letter to D’Alembert

          By: Nelson Lund — George Mason University Law School

Religion and Self-Knowledge in                                                     Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

          By: Robert Berman — Xavier University of Louisiana


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